Hills Family Pet Vet Wins Most Outstanding Pet Care in the Hills Local Business Awards 2015

We were honoured and humbled at the Local Business Awards on the 29th May to be named Most Oustanding Pet Care in the Hills District.

This category covers all vets, groomers, boarding kennels and  pet shops in the Hills District.

We are so proud of this huge achievement and so grateful for the acknowledgment.

A big thank you […]

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Council Rabbit Baiting Program May 2015

Hills Shire Council has notified us that they will be co-ordinating a rabbit baiting program using carrots laced with Pindone poison in May 2015 in many popular local reserves.
The full list of reserves affected are:
Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill
Eric Mobbs Reserve, Castle Hill
Castle Hill Heritage Park, Castle Hill
Les Shore Reserve, Glenorie
Bella Vista Farm, Baulkham Hills
Cockayne […]

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Summer Newsletter, December 2012

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Senior Pet Health Checks, April 2013

Senior Pet Health Check Vouchers

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and pet nutrition, pets are living longer than ever before. We are routinely seeing dogs in their mid to late teens and I have treated a number of cats who have celebrated their 21st birthdays.

However, with this increased lifespan we are also seeing […]

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Autumn Newsletter, March 2013


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August is Pet Dental Health Month

What causes dental disease?

Dental disease is very common in domestic pets. The diets they are fed are drastically different to the ‘wild’ diet their teeth were evolved to deal with. Certain breeds are also more prone to dental disease due to the size and shape of their mouths
Plaque build-up is caused […]

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Winter Newsletter, June 2013

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Spring Newsletter, September 2013


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Heatstroke in pets, Summer 2013-2104


Extremely hot days can be dangerous for pets. Of particular concern is heatstroke, which can be fatal if not treated promptly.
Some pets are more susceptible. These include

Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats
Animals with flat faces, like Pugs and Persian cats, since they cannot pant as effectively.
Elderly pets
Overweight […]

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Summer Newsletter, December 2013

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