Senior Pet Health Check Vouchers


Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and pet nutrition, pets are living longer than ever before. We are routinely seeing dogs in their mid to late teens and I have treated a number of cats who have celebrated their 21st birthdays.

However, with this increased lifespan we are also seeing an increase in a number of conditions that occur in older pets. These include weight and mobility changes; osteoarthritis; kidney, heart, and liver disease; hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance and tumours and cancers.

The key factors to ensure that your pet lives a long and happy life are gentle exercise, nutrition tailored to their needs and regular check-ups with a vet that knows your senior pet. We recommend 6 monthly checks for seniors to help us find, and manage, health problems as early as possible.

As a participating vet in the Hills Senior Screening Program we are offering $20 off Senior Health Check-ups. To claim a discount voucher go to and follow the instructions to claim your voucher. Bring it with you for a $20 discount on a Senior Health Check-up